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White Lake Diatomaceous Earth is a pure, fresh water Diatomaceous Earth. It is Food Chemical Codex Grade DE made of amorphous silica. Found in soil, sand, and stone, silica is a dexterous substance utilized extensively throughout the world.

You can purchase our White Lake Diatomaceous Earth through our Canadian and American distributors.

Absorbent Products LTD sources our White Lake Diatomaceous Earth from a deposit just outside of Vale, Oregon. Containing a naturally pure form of amorphous silicon dioxide it contains calcium, magnesium, and other beneficial trace mineral oxides.

Our White Lake Earth pure Diatomaceous Earth deposit contains a variety of fossilized Melosira species of freshwater diatoms, with a greater number of pores per diatom than those found in some other DE products, and hence has greater pore ratio per volume providing significant absorbent qualities. These Melosira diatoms are approximately 12 million years old and have a round shape. A deposit containing diatoms from this epoch can provide many more benefits than that of an older deposit.

Anti-caking agents can be added to grain, feed, and supplements to absorb moisture that can otherwise lead to clumping, caking, and mold. WLDE is registered for use as an inert carrier or anti-caking agent in animal feeds in an amount not to exceed two percent by weight to keep things dry and improve flowability while creating an unfavorable environment for mold and bacterial growth.

Diatomaceous Earth is often used as natural pest control in empty grain silos and storage bins. It can also be used to manage insects on plants, deodorize cat litter, and kill external parasites.

Please Note: Diatomaceous earth can be harmful to beneficial insects like honey bees. Please use with caution. Only food or feed grade diatomaceous earth should be used as an insecticide and in animal feed. Food grade diatomaceous earth meets very strict regulations in terms of crystalline silica and heavy metal content, making it safe for animals to consume.