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What is White Lake Diatomaceous Earth (WLDE)?

White Lake Diatomaceous Earth, or better known for the abbreviation of WLDE, is an uncalcined natural grade material that comes from a pure diatomaceous earth deposit. The material from White Lake Diatomaceous Earth contains a natural and pure form of silicon dioxide (Si02), which contains calcium, magnesium, and many other beneficial trace mineral oxides. This natural grade of Diatomaceous Earth is mined in Vale, Oregon (United States) from a freshwater source.

The Benefits Of White Lake Diatomaceous Earth For Your Animals

There are many benefits to your farm animals when using White Lake Diatomaceous Earth (WLDE), which includes anti-caking agents, absorbing moisture, and breaking up supplements and feed. The material used in White Lake Diatomaceous Earth helps everything that you give to your animals, which includes grain, feed, and any other supplements from becoming hard, clumpy, and caking together. The Diatomaceous Earth material keeps everything dry, improves the flowability of the feed, and reduces an environment where mold, bacteria, and diseases can spread.

White Lake Diatomaceous Earth (WLDE) should not exceed over 2% of the entire ration or feed that you give your animal. This makes sure that your animals are able to get all of the nutrients they need from their feed and supplements while benefiting from the small bit of help that White Lake Diatomaceous Earth material brings to the table. The primary role of White Lake Diatomaceous Earth is to keep your animal’s feed free and flowing from any absorbed moisture and bacteria build up.

Our Product

We have three different sizes of bulk tote bags for our White Lake Diatomaceous Earth, which include a 12lbs tote bag, a 30lbs tote bag, and a 50lbs tote bag. The composition of our WLDE is already in a grained and powder complexion that will make it easier for you when distributing the material in a specific area around your animals.

Our White Lake Diatomaceous Earth (WLDE) can be found at a variety of retailers, distributors, and online sellers across the United States. You can find more information on our United States distribution page by checking out this link – click here. For more information or any questions that you might have, you can also get in touch with us directly through our ‘Contact‘ page. 

In the image above, you can see the different bulk tote bags of White Lake Diatomaceous Earth, which include the three sizes of 12lbs, 30lbs, and 50lbs.
Here is a video to learn more about White Lake Diatomaceous Earth (WLDE) from our Absorbent Products YouTube channel.