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Using Stall DRY as Kitty Litter

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As with most of our environmentally friendly products, Stall DRY can be used for many purposes. With its ability to absorb moisture and odor and neutralize ammonia, Stall DRY works well not only in animal stalls and cages but also in litter boxes.

To use Stall DRY as cat litter:

    • Put approximately 5-7 lbs of Stall DRY in your litter box.

    • Clean the solids out of the litter box daily (or as needed). When removing the waste you
       will also be helping to mix wet spots with the dry material, keeping the litter box fresh
       and eliminating ammonia.

**Depending on the number of cats per litter box, 5-7 lbs of Stall DRY should last between 4-6 weeks.

For other Stall DRY methods see: Providing a Clean and Safe Environment for Your Animals: The Stall DRY Method

Image by Alexandre Delbos