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What Is Zorb Plus?

Zorb Plus is an all-purpose premium material that is extremely effective when it comes to controlling any liquid spills, drainage, or odor. This material is a versatile industrial strength absorbent that is meant to react very quickly to any spill or liquid controlling issue; thus, making an area clean and safe in a relatively short timeline.

The Benefits Of Using Zorb Plus

Many different benefits come from using Zorb Plus, which does not just include a versatile material that quickly cleans up any drainage or spills from liquids. Zorb Plus is safe and easy to use. This means that anyone can use the material and not have to worry about specific guidelines to follow, which is different from many other absorbent materials out on the market. This all-purpose premium material is extremely effective right off the first use as there is industrial strength and high-quality elements, which is very different from many other commercial products that are out on the market. 

One of the major benefits of Zorb Plus is that it’s not a WHMIS-controlled product or material. What does this mean? Well, if you have a product that is WHIMIS controlled, it makes using a product or material much more difficult as there are regulations and criteria to follow, along with a laundry list of regulations that you must keep up to date with at all times. For Zorb Plus, there is no need to worry about this at all.

When it comes to having a product that is reliable, effective, and of high quality, it can be tough to find something with these three cost-effective features. But, when it comes to Zorb Plus, it’s the product that checks off all three of those features. Zorb Plus is a great bang for your buck, which allows you to have a high-quality, effective material for an exceptional cost. Not to mention, the material absorbs up to 125% of its weight in liquid, which is another win for you. 

Our Product: Zorb Plus Premium

As you can see down below, this is our Zorb Plus Premium absorbent material, which is available in tote bags that weigh 12kgs (approximately 26.4lbs). We have two types of Zorb Plus Premium: Coarse Granulation & Crystal Granulation. On the left side is the Coarse Granulation, which absorbs up to 120% of its weight in liquid. On the right side is the Crystal Granulation, which happens to absorb up to over 130% of its weight. You have the choice of which Zorb Plus Premium product suits your needs the best. 

Our Zorb Plus Premium is in tote bags that weigh 12kgs (26.4lbs), both of which are available in Coarse Granulation (left bag) and Crystal Granulation (right bag).

Where Can I Purchase Zorb Plus Premium?

You can purchase our Zorb Plus Premium by checking out our distribution page to see whether or not you are close to an area where you can pick up our product. From there, you can scroll through to find different locations, phone numbers, and links to where you can purchase the product.

If you prefer to reach out to us directly, then you are more than welcome to contact us and we can help you purchase the Zorb Plus Premium. You can go to our contact page on our website by clicking this link and submitting any questions, inquiries, or suggestions you might have for us around Zorb Plus Premium. We look forward to hearing from you!