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What Is Zeolite Soil Conditioner?

You are probably asking yourself the question above after reading the title and clicking on this blog post. Well, Zeolite Soil Conditioner is an additive that assists and promotes healthy soil by improving the structure base within the soil. Zeolite aids the soil by breaking down the heavy, clumpy clay soils that are built up within the soil base. Basically, Zeolite adds in like a buffer to allow the nutrients to flow and pass throughout the soil more evenly to add in a steady stream of these nutrients to the plants.

What Are The Benefits?

Zeolite Soil Conditioner improves the overall soil compound by retaining moisture, allowing nutrients to flow freely, and breaking down any clay or dirt clumps within the soil bed. In addition, Zeolite helps to prevent compaction and increases infiltration which allows the entire deep root system to aerate, which introduces a steady stream of oxygen into the soil to allow healthy growth to continue and prosper. What makes Zeolite Soil Conditioner an effective and high-quality additive is that it’s 100% organic and it becomes its own natural fertilizing system to the soil. Once the Zeolite is introduced to the environment, it will continually be migrated into the soil as time goes, which will continue the longevity and health of your soil.

The Green Patch

Our newest product to our catalog, ‘The Green Patch‘, helps your soil compound by retaining moisture and nutrients while improving aeration. The Green Patch is developed with the highest quality of organic materials, which not only improves the aeration of your soil bed but increases the longevity of healthy soil. For more information on ‘The Green Patch’, please take the time to check out this link to see if this product is right for you! If you have any questions regarding ‘The Green Patch’, do not hesitate to reach out and contact us.

Our Absorbent product ‘The Green Patch‘ helps to promote root growth, moisture retainment, nutrients to the soil, as well as improving aeration.