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An extra-strength solution for a clean, fresh and dry stall.


Stall DRY Plus with Antimicrobial is your total stall solution for stables, race tracks, farms with multiple animals or single horse owners who want to control bacteria-causing organisms. This product eliminates odors, absorbs wetness and also reduces ammonia levels for a clean, fresh, safe and dry stall, barn or stable. Stall DRY Plus is composed of a natural blend of food grade diatomaceous earth and montmorillonite clay. It provides the same amazing benefits as our original Stall DRY with the added advantage of an antimicrobial and moisture activated scenting agent. Stall DRY Plus is treated with an antimicrobial agent so that it can control the growth and action of bacterial odors and resist microbial odor development in bedding. A scenting agent is also added and is activated when it comes in contact with moisture. Our moisture-activated scenting agent – Fresh Sense – goes to work every time your animal urinates, leaving a fresh, clean scent.


Same great odor, ammonia and moisture control with the added protection of Fresh Sense Technology.

Available in: 26.46 lb (12 kg) bags

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For detailed application instructions, check out – The Stall DRY Method

Yes, it is safe to be composted and also used in the garden. In fact, as a natural product containing food grade diatomaceous earth, individuals have found that Stall DRY provides many benefits when used in compost and in the garden. Please note: Stall DRY Plus should not be used in the compost or garden.


Stall DRY is used to control wetness, odor and ammonia in stalls, cages and other animal dwellings. It is an all natural product and is safe to use with nearly all animals.
When used with bedding and waste that is composted, Stall DRY is safe to be composted and used in the garden.
In fact, as a natural product containing food grade diatomaceous earth, individuals have found that Stall DRY provides many benefits, resulting in a more compostable and drier product that is easier to spread in the garden. When contained in compost and added to the garden, Stall DRY can also help to aerate the soil and will act as a natural insecticide.

Mixed with water, Stall DRY has a pH of approximately 6 while pure water has a pH of 7 or 8.
Therefore adding Stall DRY to your compost and garden will not affect the pH of the soil too drastically and will not harm your plants (unless they are highly sensitive to changes in pH).

Please note: any end-product meant for human consumption that has come in contact with Stall DRY should be washed well before being consumed. This is due to the fact that government regulations state that no food grade diatomaceous earth should be present in any end-product that is meant for human consumption.


Yes, it can be used with all types of animals except reptiles and amphibians.

Stall DRY Plus is not OMRI listed for use in organic operations, in contrast to original Stall DRY. This is because of the antimicrobial and moisture activated scenting agent that it contains.

Stall DRY is an all natural product that contains only diatomaceous earth and calcium montmorillonite clay (also known as calcium bentonite) in a granular form, developed specifically to be highly effective at absorbing odors and moisture.

Likewise, Stall DRY Plus offers all the features and benefits provided by our original Stall DRY Deodorizer. However, in addition to the natural blend of DE and calcium montmorillonite, it also contains an added antimicrobial ingredient that kills bacterial odors, as well as a moisture-activated scenting agent.

Stall DRY Plus can be found at feed and ag stores throughout the United States.

If your local feed store does not carry Stall DRY Plus please ask that they bring it in for you.

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