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Photographic Dust – Special Effects Medium


Dirt-FX is a photographic dust used as a special effects medium for the movie and photographic industry.

Dirt-FX is optimized for both small and large scale applications on all kinds of surfaces.  This unique blend of Diatomaceous Earth and Calcium Bentonite makes it easy for set designers to achieve a realistic appearance. 

Dirt-FX™ has been used in the motion picture industry for a variety of uses. In the area of special effects, it is used in pyrotechnics explosions and dust clouds because it spreads farther and higher than most natural dirt soils resulting in a blast that looks larger. It is also safer than naturally-occurring dirt, should the blast spray hit actors.  Dirt-FX can also used by the make-up, props, wardrobe, and set dresser departments because it is considered a “clean” dirt, safer to use around people, and it cleans up easily. 

Dirt-FX has been used in movies and series like:   Fear the Walking Dead, an American post-apocalyptic horror drama television series created by Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson for AMC.