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Research & Development

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

Continuous research and development allows us to establish efficient and environmentally friendly business practices and remain competitive in an ever changing market.

We believe that our continuous research and development is what allows us to establish efficient and environmentally friendly business practices and to remain competitive in an ever changing market.

As a result of our ongoing research and development, and in an effort to continually renew and rejuvenate our brands, products and our company, we have brought over nine new products to market in the last two years.

Our innovative spirit has resulted in the granting of seven patents, including a US Patent for an Antimicrobial Additive for Large Animal or Poultry Beddings.

This additive aids in the reduction of bacterial growth in animal breeding areas, helping to reduce disease and the use of antibiotics. This innovation improves bedding conditions, lowers input costs and creates a healthier animal.

In addition to the positive results that have been seen in animal health and production when using our products

with livestock and poultry, these products have also been tested to measure their effectiveness at reducing

ammonium and nitrates in groundwater due to runoff and for ammonia reduction in livestock facilities.

We have also taken steps in order to diversify our product portfolio and reduce the dependence our business

has on the minerals that we mine. Through our market research, we have identified various other profitable

markets and have branched off into other product categories including sand blasting mediums, ice melt, equine

pellets, pet and household absorbent mats, and industrial strength absorbent pads, SOCs and booms. These

products are produced for us and distributed through our distribution network.