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Cat Litter and Pet Specialty Products

Our wide range of reasonably priced, 99% dust free cat litter products are sure to provide a suitable solution for any cat or kitten. All of our pet litter products provide excellentmoisture and odor control. Check out our various Cat Litter lines below to see which litter will suit your family pet.

In addition to litter, we also offer unique Pet Specialty products including Litter Deodorizers that can be used on their own or to enhance the effectiveness of your litter products. The absorbent EazyZorb Pet Mat with Leak Proof Barrier is also a must for every pet owner!

Cat Litter

Litter Essence™ with Litter Sense™ Technology is an advanced new cat litter formula that provides superior moisture and ammonia control.

Available in: Multi-Cat Scoopable with Fresh Linen Scent

CATTITUDES cat litters provide effective, long lasting odor control and are designed to reduce tracking.

Available in: Non-Clumping, Clumping and Quick-Clump.

Made from a unique blend of natural clays, KOZY KITTY Litters provide superior moisture absorbency, ammonia and odor control.

Available in: Natural Non-Clumping Formula, Premium Kozy Kitty Quick Clumping Formula and Clumping Litter with Lemon Grass Scent.

WUNDERCAT Kitty Litters are designed to provide unsurpassed odor control and provide a clean, fresh smelling litter box.

Available in: Multi-Cat Scoopable Litter with Lemon Grass and Baking Soda, Scented Multi-Cat Scoopable Litter with Anti-Bacterial, Scented Multi-Cat Non Clumping Litter, Natural Pine Cat Litter

All Natural. Made from a unique blend of diatomaceous earth and montmorillonite, WC CAT provides natural and superior
odor control.
WC CAT is great for cats of all ages!

Available in: Unscented Non-Clumping Litter

Pet Specialty Products

For added protection, odor control and prolonging your litter box changes try LITTER ESSENCE PET LITTER DEODORIZER BOOSTER.
Inhibit bacteria and mold growth, neutralize ammonia and absorb wetness in your animal’s bedding with CAGE DRY® PET BEDDING DEODORIZER.
Protect your floors and stop messes in their tracks with the new EAZYZORB PET MAT. Absorbs up to nearly 2L of any type of liquid! EazyZorb Absorbent Pet Mat logo Mat size: 30 in x 36 in (76.2 cm x 91.44 cm). Cuts easily to fit any size space.

Reduce harmful ammonia levels and absorb moisture and odors in animal cages, dog kennels, rabbit hutches. Provides extra against bacterial odors when sprinkled over pet litter and wood shavings.