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For 30 years Absorbent Products Ltd. (APL) has mined and manufactured Zeolite, Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth and Bentonite products. We manufacture anti-caking agents, chemical-free insecticides and natural solutions for poultry and other livestock producers.

At our core, we value community, promote open communication throughout our organization, and foster strong, long-lasting relationships with our customers and stakeholders.

Diatomaceous Earth (often referred to as DE) is a siliceous rock, formed from fossilized exoskeletons of microscopic freshwater, hard-shelled algae known as diatoms. This mineral is found in deposits throughout the world, but formed with different qualities.

APL has two DE mines. Our mine in British Columbia, Canada is a naturally occurring mineral deposit of DE and Calcium Bentonite. Our newly acquired mine in Oregon is a pure, all white freshwater Diatomaceous Earth mineral source.

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The only acidifier for Conventional and Organic Broiler Houses

Activated Barn Fresh® Poultry Litter Ammonia Control

SKU: W070-PLAIN UPC:  058633000706 

Also available in Totes


Activated Barn Fresh
  • Accumulating better results
  • Unlike other acidifiers, Activated Barn Fresh never stops working
  • The only acidifer powered by Diatomaceous Earth
  • More and more poultry companies are making the decision to eliminate all synthetic and dangerous products from their houses. Activated Barn Fresh® (ABF) is the natural choice.
  • ABF utilizes a unique blend of non-GMO Citric Acid and Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth to control ammonia by reducing the moisture and pH of poultry litter.
  • As with others, our citric acidifier will burn off over time. Unlike others, however, once the acidifier has burned off, the residual effects of the remaining Diatomaceous Earth and Calcium Bentonite will continue to absorb moisture and suppress ammonia when litter comes in contact with it.
  • Many issues arise because of moisture in the house.  ABF will continue to help keep things dry.
  • Safe – no harsh acids or chemicals. Safe to handle and no freight restrictions.
  • Harsh acids in other products can eat away at machinery and structures.  ABF  will not.
  • Item:  W070-Plain
  • Weight: US 40 lb (18.2 kg)
  • Pallet Information:
    • Number of Layers: HI: 12
    • TI: 5
    • Units per Pallet: 55
  • Pallet Height: 60”
  • Pallet Weight: 2287.54 lb (1037.62 kg)

The most popular Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth in America

Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth® (RLE) with Calcium Bentonite Powder


Available in 40 lb bags and 1000 kg totes

Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth
  • A naturally occurring blend of Diatomaceous Earth and Calcium Bentonite. 
  • Registered as an anti-caking and flow agent not to exceed 2% of the total ration.
  • While providing effectiveness for the intended reasons a pure white diatomaceous earth is used, RLE gives the feed mill user a product that will flow better, is less dusty and will blend more uniformly.
  • RLE is available in a Granular, Crystal and Powder particle sizes.
    RLE Granular has larger particles and does contain some fine particles. 
    Works well in micro-ingredient feed systems.  If used as a hand-add, staff will be pleased to not have to work with a dusty product.
    Are almost dust free with larger particle sizes than RLE Granular. 
    A very fine granulation.
  • RLE is listed with the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).
  • Weight: US 40 lb (18.2 kg)
  • Pallet Information:
    • Number of Layers: HI: 11
    • TI: 5
    • Units per Pallet: 55
  • Pallet Height: 56.95”
  • Pallet Weight: 2285.71 lb (1036.79 kg)
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Backyard Chicken Care

A red chicken stands on some stumps after taking a dust bath in diatomaceous earth.

If you want your backyard chickens to lead healthy, happy lives – Diatomaceous Earth is a must-have for anyone who owns a coop and has a flock of feathered friends.

What is DE (Diamotacious Earth), and how can it help my chickens?

Food-Grade diatomaceous earth contains finely ground and processed fossilized algae commonly called diatoms.

DE has a whole array of benefits for poultry’s health, from absorbing odor-causing moisture, to increasing the strength of their egg’s shells. Diatoms are essentially very fine, abrasive particles with sharp edges that have natural absorption capabilities. When chickens excrete, the resulting manure is rich in nitrogen, especially the chicken’s equivalent of urine – uric acid. When the manure then becomes wet, the nitrogen decomposes and produces a gas called ammonia, which gives off a pungent smell. Adding DE to your backyard chicken care routine will make for happy, healthy chickens.

How do I use DE with my chickens?

Absorbent Products has produced several Diamotacious Earth products specially formulated for use with your backyard chicken coop.

To Help Control Odor

Activated Barn Fresh, Fresh Coop Odor Control available in both a resealable bag or jug with shaker lid. It is a safe and easy way to manage the ammonia odor and moisture levels present in your chicken coop.

Sprinkling your Diamotacious Earth over the freshly cleaned floor of your coop before laying down new litter is a safe and effective way to capture the moisture that naturally collects there.

To Aid In Preening Maintenance

Absorbent Product’s Fresh Coop Dust Bath encourages your flock’s natural daily preening maintenance. Keep their feathers in tip-top condition by promoting and enhancing their natural dust bathing behavior. 

Sprinkle a layer of DE over your chicken’s dirt and sand tub, and let the chickens work it in. As the chickens play and roll around in the dust bath, they will cover themselves with the DE infused sand. Fresh Coop Dust Bath is composed of Food Chemical Codex Grade (Food Grade) Diatomaceous Earth and Calcium Montmorillonite. This unique natural blend of Diatomaceous Earth helps to keep feathers clean by absorbing excess oils.

To Lay Strong, Beautiful Eggs

Fresh Coop Egg-Layer Grit is our soluble chicken grit that is essential for healthy, beautiful eggs. Soft, thin, or missing eggshells are a sign that your layers are calcium deficient. A proper egg-laying diet will ensure they’re getting the calcium they need while allowing you total control over their feed. Fresh Coop Egg-Layer Grit offers an excellent, natural source rich in calcium for chickens.

For chickens that are over 18 weeks old, Fresh Coop Egg-Layer Grit can be mixed with coarse grain or free-choice. Grit is designed to help the chickens’ digestive system function well and break down the food as it should. The grit also helps grind down the food in the gizzard, keeping their digestive system happy!

Are there disadvantages to using diatomaceous Earth?

There are a few things that will affect the overall usefulness of Diatomaceous Earth that you need to keep in mind.

  • Unfortunately, Diatomaceous Earth can become less effective when wet. Limiting use to inside the coop means that you will mitigate problems in areas with higher natural moisture levels. Proper storage is vital.
  • When using a deep litter system, be aware that DE is unable to distinguish between good parasites and harmful parasites. Using DE with a deep litter system means it will disable your deep litter system’s processes.

Diatomaceous earth is a remarkable and versatile poultry product for any backyard chicken coop enthusiast. Regardless of the size of your flock, you will be able to reap the benefits of Diatomaceous Earth each day for your chicken! 

For customers in the USA – To purchase any of our Absorbent Product’s Fresh Coop products, please visit our US distribution page to find the retailer nearest to you. 

For customers in Canada – Fresh Coop products can be purchased on or please give us a call at 1-800-667-0336 or email us at We would be happy to help!

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Can A Mining Company Truly Be ‘Green’?

open pit mining

In a word – yes!  Just like our friend Kermit sings, being green ain’t easy…but it’s big, and it’s important.

Absorbent Products strives to be green by lessening our environmental impact wherever possible. We achieve this through careful planning and continuous improvements in our properties, our plant, and our products.

Our properties include 4 different mine sites in 2 countries from which we source our raw minerals.  These are dry-mine surface operations with no runoff or tailings to contaminate the undeveloped areas in which they are located.  Waste is minimized as we use over 98% of the mined materials.  All our mines conform to air quality and environmental regulations.  Reclaimed areas of our Red Lake property have been restored ahead of schedule and are now used as productive grazeland for cattle.

In our plant, we are always chasing the next efficiency.  We meet or exceed our prescribed air quality standards.  Upgrades to our machinery and optimization of our burner have allowed us to significantly reduce our consumption of both electricity and natural gas. Through process analysis and design we have minimized forklift and motor vehicle movement throughout our facility, further reducing emissions. We influence our customers, many of whom are large-volume national retailers, to reduce packaging and choose options that have lower environmental footprints for their brands.

You’ll find a wide spectrum of uses and applications throughout our products, from pest control to animal feed additives to livestock health management.  All our products are derived from natural, minimally processed minerals. Many of them are registered for organic agriculture; in fact, Absorbent Products has 28 different listings with the Organic Materials Review Institute and proudly supplies large organic operations.

Our PMRA- and EPA-registered insecticides are organic-appropriate and work through a mechanical mode of action rather than a chemical one.  As a result, insects do not develop a pesticide resistance, and there are no harmful residues lingering after treatment.  Non-toxic diatomaceous earth products like Stall Dry, Fresh Coop and Barn Fresh control odour and moisture in stalls and pens, making both animals and their human caretakers more comfortable and improving the retention of nutrients when composted after use.  Some of our items are even repurposed from other materials.  For example, our Wundercat and Stall Dry pine pellets are made of reclaimed waste wood, and our Can Blast blasting medium is comprised of ground recycled glass.

At Absorbent Products, sustainability and stewardship are defining values.  We are proud to be green, and we continue to invest in research and development so we can provide the very best products with the smallest environmental impact.

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The Dangers of Hydrated Lime

Ammonia can be very dangerous to the health of both animals and people. Studies have concluded that even low levels of ammonia can cause stress to an animal’s respiratory system. It is therefore extremely important to control ammonia within confined spaces.

For many years people have used and continue to use hydrated lime to help rid their barns and stables of ammonia and the smell that accompanies it. However, studies have found that hydrated lime may be doing more harm than good. In fact, specialists at North Carolina State University and North Carolina A&T State University concluded that hydrated lime increases the alkalinity of litter and, in fact, creates more ammonia by converting ammonium into ammonia gas!

Not only is hydrated lime a very short-term solution (that only works to cover up the smell of ammonia) but it can also be a very dangerous product to use. If high concentrations of hydrated lime dust are inhaled, irritation to the respiratory tract will occur. Dermatitis can result from prolonged exposure and repeated skin contact and a risk of severe and permanent eye damage exists if hydrated lime comes in contact with the eyes. The product can cause burns in the presence of moisture and will cause irritation of the gastrointestinal tract when ingested. Personal protective equipment should be worn at all times when using hydrated lime.

Alternatives to hydrated lime, such as Barn Fresh, are all natural and safe solutions that will work to absorb liquids and ammonia. Barn Fresh, for example, contains diatomaceous earth and calcium bentonite, making it safe to use with all types of animals, even if ingested.

Natural products like Barn Fresh are much more effective and safer to use than hydrated lime.

Image by Jamie Skelton

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What Is Citric Acid?

Citric Acid is an organic acid naturally derived from organic plant matter.

Citric Acid is a common active ingredient found in pesticides, disinfectants, sanitizers and fungicides. It is also a safe and effective impediment to the formation of ammonia. Absorbent Products has, therefore, developed products that use Citric Acid to provide ammonia control for barns, stalls, poultry houses and chicken coops.

The Citric Acid in Absorbent Products’ Activated Barn Fresh (ABF) and Fresh Coop™ products does not contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and is classified as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the EPA.

Image by Citric Acid and Citrus fruit

Backyard Chickens


Everything you need for happy, healthy backyard chickens.

A FRESH COOP for all!

Keeping backyard chickens can be an exciting and rewarding adventure. As the recent chicken renaissance continues to gather momentum, coops are becoming common in urban and suburban backyards across North America. Being able to provide safe and effective solutions that are explicitly made for backyard chicken coops are key to a flock’s success. Whether you’re an experienced chicken keeper or entirely new for raising backyard birds, we’re here to help!

Absorbent Products LTD has developed an extensive range of products specially formulated with food-grade Diatomaceous Earth for the health and happiness of your backyard chickens.

From odor control, dust bathing, and coop care kits, we have everything you need for your backyard flock’s space, and our Fresh Coop Egg-Layer Grit will make sure they have all the nutrients they need to keep laying strong, beautiful eggs.

Our all-natural backyard chicken products are designed to provide the cleanest, safest, and healthiest environment for you and your backyard birds. If you’re ready to bring a little farmyard into your backyard, here’s what you need to do to get started.

Fresh Coop Odor Control keeps nesting areas drier and fresher, providing a healthier environment for your birds.

Fresh Coop Egg-Layer Grit provides a natural source of calcium for your backyard layers.

Fresh Coop Dust Bath acts as a natural booster in place of your chickens’ usual dust bathing materials and helps to maintain pristine feathers by promoting a regular, healthy preening routine.

The all-in-one Fresh Coop Care Kit provides you with everything you need to sustain a clean coop and a happy, healthy backyard flock!

How Can I Use Fresh Coop Products?

There are several common ways our customers utilize Absorbent Products LTD’s Diatomaceous Earth solutions with back yard chicken coops to help keep their flocks, clean, happy and producing their best eggs.

Sprinkling our Activated Barn Fresh, Fresh Coop Odor Control productwhich is available in both a resealable bag and container with a shaker, on your coop floor before laying fresh litter ensures that moisture and the odor that comes with it, are effectively managed at all times. 

Our Fresh Coop Dust Bath encourages your flock’s natural need to groom themselves by taking dust baths. Simply add a layer of DE over your chicken’s dirt and sand tub, and let the chickens work it into down the sand. As the chickens play and roll around in the dust bath, they will cover themselves with the DE infused sand and help rid themselves of mites and other crawly things that live on chickens.

Soft, thin, or missing eggshells are a sign that your layers are calcium deficient and need a proper egg-laying diet rich in calcium. Fresh Coop Egg-Layer Grit is a soluble chicken grit that is essential for healthy, beautiful eggs, that offers an excellent, natural source of calcium for chickens. 

For chickens that are over 18 weeks old, Fresh Coop Egg-Layer Grit can be mixed with coarse grain or fed free-choice. Grit is designed to help the chickens’ digestive system function well and break down the food as it should. The grit also helps grind down the food in the gizzard, keeping their digestive system happy!

Want to purchase Fresh Coop Products?

For Customers In The USA – To purchase any of our Absorbent Product’s Fresh Coop products, please visit our US distribution page to find the retailer nearest to you.

For Customers In Canada – Fresh Coop products can be purchased on or please give us a call at 1-800-667-0336 or email us at, and we would be happy to help!



Maintain a healthy flock.

Effective litter amendments for poultry management

Our litter amendments for poultry management are a safe and cost effective way to control ammonia odor and moisture levels in all poultry operations, including organic operations.
We combine food grade diatomaceous earth with calcium montmorillonite and citric acid to reduce harmful ammonia levels and moisture. Unlike products using strong acids, our litter amendments have no transportation restrictions.


Ammonia control for poultry and livestock facilities.

Mother hen with baby chicks

Reduce harmful ammonia levels and moisture with this blend of diatomaceous earth and calcium montmorillonite with citric acid.


Citric acid is an organic acid naturally derived from organic plant matter. The citric acid found in our products does not contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). It is classified by the EPA as 4A (minimal risk) and Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS)
Citric acid is a natural, safe and effective impediment to the formation of ammonia. As a result, citric acid is able to provide extra protection against moisture, ammonia and strong odors.



Protect your greatest investment.

Effective solutions for livestock management

Our natural livestock management products will help protect your animals from the dangers of high ammonia levels and moisture accumulation.

These products are efficient, easy to use and safe for all types of animals.


Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is composed of the fossilized exoskeletons of microscopic algae known as diatoms. DE is highly porous and, as a result, offers significant absorption capabilities.

Natural diatomaceous earth (non-calcined DE), like that found in our Livestock Management products, is prepared by drying at a low heat to prevent organic components from being lost. The delicate structural integrity of the diatoms is therefore preserved by this careful process. As a result, the naturally occurring amorphous silica remains in its natural state and contains less than 1% crystalline silica.

Save time and money on manure management and bedding supplies with this all natural absorbent and deodorizer.
cattle in barn
All of the benefits of our original Barn Fresh with the added protection of an anti-microbial and moisture activated scenting agent.


Zeolite belongs to a family of hydrated aluminosilicate minerals with a three-dimensional cage-like structure (similar to a honeycomb). Much like diatomaceous earth, zeolite is also highly porous. This highly porous granular mineral effectively absorbs ions and molecules. Most noteworthy, the cage-like structure of zeolite, and its strength as an absorbent and catalyst, make it useful in a variety of ways. In many applications, zeolites are reusable over and over again.

There are hundreds of different types of zeolites that occur naturally and many that are man-made.

Absorbent Products’ zeolite is a pure, natural mineral found in volcanic ash deposits. It comes from the mineral family heulandite‐clinoptilolite and is mined in British Columbia, Canada.

Stall Dry


A safe and natural solution for ammonia control and deodorization.




Stall DRY Absorbent & Deodorizer safely and effectively refreshes horse stalls, pens and barns by reducing ammonia levels, eliminating odors and absorbing moisture. It is composed of a natural blend of food grade diatomaceous earth and clay in a granular form and, as a result, is safe to use with all animals.

Use our Stall DRY Shake, Muck and Toss Method to save on bedding, time and labour.

Stall DRY 18 and 12 KG
OMRI Listed in the United States and Canada for use in organic production.
Approved for use in organic operations in Canada with the Canadian organic standard.
Stall DRY 18 and 12 KG


Safe and effective odor, ammonia and moisture control.

Available in: 26.46 lb (12 kg) bags, 25 lb (11.34 kg) bags, 40.12 lb (18.2 kg) bags


Find a location near you by visiting our distribution page (US locations only) or contacting us.



It absorbs moisture and urine, controls odors and helps to reduce the harmful effects of ammonia. As a result of controlling odors and ammonia, you will notice a reduction of flies in stalls and pens.

Made from a natural diatomaceous earth deposit enhanced with montmorillonite clay (also known as calcium bentonite), this product can absorb more than its own weight in liquid. It also has a low pH, allowing it to attract and neutralize ammonia molecules. When sprinkled over bedding, it will absorb moisture from the bedding, keeping it dryer so the bedding can be used longer.

Sprinkle a light coat over the stall floor (wood, concrete, dirt etc). Spread additional Stall DRY on wet spots until the surface is dry. Leave this in place. Finally, place the bedding in the stall.

Daily, as you are cleaning the stall, take out the solids and sprinkle about 16 oz on the wet spots. Allow a short time to dry and put the bedding back in the stall. As a result, the bedding will usually last an extra day or so.

Sprinkle on manure piles regularly to reduce flies.

Read more: Application Instructions

Yes, it is completely safe to be used with all types of animals. Please note, this does not include reptiles or amphibians.

Yes, it is safe to be composted and also used in the garden. In fact, as a natural product containing food grade diatomaceous earth, individuals have found that Stall DRY provides many benefits when used in compost and in the garden. Please note: Stall DRY Plus should not be used in the compost or garden.

Stall DRY is used to control wetness, odor and ammonia in stalls, cages and other animal dwellings. It is an all natural product and is safe to use with nearly all animals.
When used with bedding and waste that is composted, Stall DRY is safe to be composted and used in the garden. When contained in compost and added to the garden, Stall DRY can also help to aerate the soil and will act as a natural insecticide.

Mixed with water, Stall DRY has a pH of approximately 6 while pure water has a pH of 7 or 8.
Therefore adding Stall DRY to your compost and garden will not affect the pH of the soil too drastically and will not harm your plants (unless they are highly sensitive to changes in pH).

Please note: any end-product meant for human consumption that has come in contact with Stall DRY should be washed well before being consumed. This is due to the fact that government regulations state that no food grade diatomaceous earth should be present in any end-product that is meant for human consumption.

Stall Dry Deodorization and Ammonia Control

Yes, it can be used in organic production. It is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production.
Diatomaceous earth is recognized as a non-chemical fly control material. Stall DRY also binds nitrogen and phosphorus which helps to control odors and reduces runoff which may have a detrimental affect on groundwater.
Stall DRY is an all natural product that contains only diatomaceous earth and calcium montmorillonite clay (also known as calcium bentonite) in a granular form, developed specifically to be highly effective at absorbing odors and moisture.

Likewise, Stall DRY Plus offers all the features and benefits provided by our original Stall DRY Deodorizer. However, in addition to the natural blend of DE and calcium montmorillonite, it also contains an added antimicrobial ingredient that kills bacterial odors, as well as a moisture-activated scenting agent.

Not sure which product will work best for you? Check out our Stall DRY vs. Barn Fresh – Absorbent and Deodorizer Comparison Chart!

Better feed and agricultural supply stores throughout the United States and Canada carry Stall DRY.

If your local feed store does not carry it please ask them to bring it in for you.

Click here to find a distributor in your area (US distribution only). If you are in Canada or are unable to locate a distributor in your area, please contact us and we would be pleased to assist you.


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We manufacture high quality food grade diatomaceous earth, zeolite and bentonite products.

Absorbent Products is a dominant manufacturer and supplier of mineral based products derived from food grade diatomaceous earth, bentonite and zeolite. We take extreme care during our manufacturing process in order to maintain the delicate, structural integrity of these natural raw materials. This allows Absorbent Products to produce OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute), EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) and PMRA (The Health Canada Pest Management Regulatory Agency) registered products that are safe for people, animals and the environment.

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Our high grade products have been trusted and sought after by consumers for over 25 years. Since 1989, we have made it our mission to provide top quality products, made from only the best ingredients. Our dedication to innovation ensures that we manufacture the best performing products and our commitment to the environment guarantees that those products are environmentally friendly and safe to use.

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With a dedicated team researching and developing the latest and greatest in scientific advances, our knowledge and ideas allow us to develop some of the most innovative products on the market.



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