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Discover our Mineral solutions for Livestock, Equine, Pets & Backyard Poultry

These innovative and effective mineral solutions are designed to be safe for all animals.   Our Equine and Backyard Chicken Deodorizers eliminate harmful ammonia levels, unpleasant odors, and absorb excess moisture, preventing the growth of bacteria in your animals stalls and coops.

If you have been looking for a pure food-grade diatomaceous earth, look no further.  We provide the very best in food-grade diatomaceous earth.

We also have a whole line-up of mineral based  products to provide the best of care for your backyard flocks.

Several of our mineral solutions products are OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) Listed for use in organic production.

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Our natural equine management products are designed to provide the cleanest, safest and healthiest environment for your animals.


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Pure Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth for your animals



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Our natural backyard chicken products are designed to provide the cleanest, and safest environment for you and your flock.


Ammonia has a very strong odor and often accumulates in barns, stalls and stables. It is one of the most dangerous gases that is present in the air. As a result, ammonia emissions can negatively impact your animal’s health and performance. Ammonia irritates an animal’s eyes, lungs, sinuses, mouth and skin and also makes them more vulnerable to infection. Furthermore, humans can be harmed by high levels of ammonia. It is important to control ammonia in order to protect your livestock, yourself and the environment.

High levels of ammonia can lead to:

  • Decreased animal health, including higher incidences of respiratory disease,
  • Serious respiratory infections
  • Bacterial growth

In contrast, lowering ammonia levels can save equine and large animal owners money by:

  • Decreasing ventilation costs, while maintaining odor control
  • Lowering heating costs, especially in winter months
  • Reducing susceptibility to serious respiratory infections

Our mineral solution products are composed of natural ingredients that have the ability to absorb odors and, as a result, create a fresh, clean and pleasant environment for your large and small animals, and yourself.

Controlling moisture in pens, barns and stalls provides the following benefits:

  • Drier litter and pens give off less ammonia, therefore, increasing productivity
  • Reducing moisture inhibits bacteria growth and also the spread of viruses
  • A dry environment creates an unsuitable habitat and breeding ground for many insects including house flies and darkling beetles
  • Drier manure is easier to clean out and spread
  • Aids in composting

Many animal owners see the benefits of adding  Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth to their animals’ feed.

White Lake and Red Lake Diatomaceous  Earth are registered for use as an inert carrier or anti-caking agent in animal feeds in an amount not to exceed two percent (2%) by weight of total ration.

Keeping backyard chickens can be an exciting and rewarding adventure. Whether you’re an experienced chicken keeper or completely new to raising backyard birds, we’re here to help!

Based on the many uses and benefits of food grade diatomaceous earth for backyard chickens, we have developed a product line just for you! Our all natural backyard chicken products are designed to provide the cleanest, safest and healthiest environment for you and your backyard birds.

From odor control, dust bathing and coop care, we have everything you need for your backyard flock.