Everything you need for happy, healthy backyard chickens.


A FRESH COOP for all!

Keeping backyard chickens can be an exciting and rewarding adventure. Whether you’re an experienced chicken keeper or completely new to raising backyard birds, we’re here to help!

Based on the many uses and benefits of food grade diatomaceous earth for backyard chickens, we have developed a product line just for you! Our all natural backyard chicken products are designed to provide the cleanest, safest and healthiest environment for you and your backyard birds.

From odor control, dust bathing and coop care, we have everything you need for your backyard flock.

Fresh Coop Odor Control keeps nesting areas drier and fresher, providing a healthier environment for your birds.

Fresh Coop Egg-Layer Grit provides a natural source of calcium for your backyard layers.

Fresh Coop Dust Bath acts as a natural booster in place of your chickens’ usual dust bathing materials and helps to maintain pristine feathers by promoting a regular, healthy preening routine.

The all-in-one Fresh Coop Care Kit provides you with everything you need to sustain a clean coop and a happy, healthy backyard flock!