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Last Crawl Grain Insect Destroyer

An EFFECTIVE insecticide for use against barn and grain insects

Insecticide Powder

LAST CRAWL™ Grain Insect DEstroyer is composed of a natural formula of fossilized microscopic diatoms also known as silicon dioxide.

LAST CRAWL™ Grain Insect DEstroyer is effective in killing indoor and outdoor insects including:

Flour Beetles, Grain Beetles, Ants, Crickets, Darkling Beetles, Earwigs, Pillbugs, Silverfish, and Sowbugs.

LAST CRAWL™ Grain Insect DEstroyer acts by lacerating the exoskeleton of insects that come in contact with the product, causing dehydration, resulting in the death of the insect.

This product is not harmful to humans, animals or food when label directions are followed and is OMRI Listed (Organic Materials Review Institute) for use in organic production.

For Use Indoors or Outdoors

Use in:

  • food-processing plants
  • commercial sites
  • industrial sites
  • barns
  • dairy operations
  • transportation vehicles
  • truck beds
  • boxcars
  • ship holds
  • flour mills
  • milling equipment
  • grain storage
  • handling facilities


Available in: 25 lb paper bag