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In the aftermath of a flood, persistent indoor moisture can have negative implications for both personal and structural health.

The City of Calgary Water Services branch advises that failure to “…reduce moisture and humidity can present serious long-term health risks such as respiratory disease”, while “mold may also damage building materials long after the flood”.

It is therefore important to treat any affected area using absorbent solutions in order to quickly capture and remove excess moisture.

Some simple and inexpensive solutions for use in the aftermath of a flood include Stall DRY Absorbent and Deodorizer and Can Dry Granular Absorbents.

With the ability to absorb up to 140% of their own weight in liquid, Stall DRY Absorbent and Deodorizer and Can Dry Granular Absorbents will remove unwanted moisture, dry out the treated area, prevent mildew and suppress odours leaving a cleaner fresher, and healthier environment.

These products are all natural and can be used on concrete and other sub-floor materials in flooded basements, rooms, sheds and garages after the excess standing water from a flood has been removed.

Directions for Use:

1. Remove all excess standing water with water vac, mop or other suitable device.

2. Once the standing water has been removed, apply up to 0.5 inches of Stall DRY Absorbent and Deodorizer or up to 1 inch of Can Dry on top of the sub-floor, concentrating on applying the product alongside the walls, including closeted areas, and extending out 6 inches. Where dry wall has been removed, apply the product alongside and in-between the studs.

3. Let product sit until dry. For best results leave in place until installing new dry wall and flooring.

4. Sweep up. If vacuuming, use a shop vac. Do not use a household vacuum for this purpose.

5. Dispose of used material. Please note: Stall DRY Absorbent and Deodorizer and Can Dry Granular Absorbents are all natural products and can safely be disposed of at landfill sites.

For use on concrete or sub-floor areas:

In order to dry the surface under wet carpet or damaged flooring, remove all carpeting or damaged flooring. Apply 0.5 inches of Stall DRY Absorbent and Deodorizer or 1 inch of Can Dry to the concrete or other sub-floor material surface. Let product sit until dry.

Clean up as instructed above.

If moisture and/or odour remains, re-apply the product and allow to sit for an additional 24 – 48 hours.

For use with cupboards:

Apply alongside the outside and inside of the base of cupboards. Cover the inside bottom surface with 0.5 inches of Stall DRY Absorbent and Deodorizer or 1 inch of Can Dry. Let product sit until dry. Clean-up as instructed above.

A 18.2 kg bag of Stall DRY will cover an area of up to 200 ft.2. A 16.3 kg bag of Can Dry will cover an area of up to 100 ft.2.

Please note: The area covered will vary depending on the dampness of the area being covered.

For more information about flood recovery, see the Alberta Health Services site at

Image by IntangibleArts