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Eazyzorb Pet Mat

The absorbent EazyZorb Pet Mat with Leak Proof Barrier is a must for every pet owner!

WHAT IS EazyZorb Pet Mat ?

EAZYZORB PET MAT is a durable, long-life absorbent mat that can stand up to even the toughest messes and spills. It is tear resistant and will not curl or buckle. The mat’s leak proof barrier prevents fluids from leaking through. Non-hazardous spills can be rinsed off and the mat can be dried and re-used. The Uses are Endless!
  • Place under bird and pet cages
  • Line pet carriers, dog houses and kennels to trap hair and keep dry
  • Place under food and water dishes
  • Use as a puppy pad/training mat
  • Place under fish tanks and bowls to prevent unsightly staining
  • Use as a whelping mat
  • Place under litter boxes to reduce litter tracking
  • Use in vehicles and RVs when traveling with pets

EazyZorb Pet Mat

Made from needle punched polypropylene, the universal EazyZorb Pet Mat absorbs nearly any type of spill or leak, traps pet hair and pet litter keeping your floors and other surfaces safe and clean.

Mat size: 30 in x 36 in (76.2 cm x 91.44 cm). Cuts easily to fit any size space


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