Chicken Facts

chicken walking in grass

Check out these interesting facts about chickens. Did you know… Chickens are the closest living relatives of the t-rex. The sounds that chickens make have actual meaning. Chickens even have […]

Do Chickens Like Music?

Laying hen overlooking her egg

Could it be that chickens enjoy soothing and relaxing music just as much as we do? Results from a study at the University of Bristol in the UK suggests that […]

How Smart Are Chickens?

Just how smart are chickens? Pretty smart, it turns out! In fact, studies have shown that chickens have many cognitive attributes similar to that of mammals, even primates! Check out […]

Chicken Checklist

Mother hen with baby chicks

Check out this must-have chicken checklist for a list of items you’ll need when bringing new baby chickens home for the first time.