Dust Baths For Baby Chicks

The Importance Of Dust Baths For Baby Chicks Dust baths are a part of every chicken’s day-to-day life as it provides them with a way to keep clean, develop strong […]

Fresh Coop Odor Control

What Is Fresh Coop Odor Control? Fresh Coop Odor Control is a neutralizer that eliminates the harmful ammonia levels, controls and kills the odours in the area(s), and absorbs any […]

Dust Bath

What Is A Dust Bath? Dust Baths are a way for chickens to keep themselves clean; hence, the word bath. The Dust Bath is a way for the chickens to […]

Fresh Coop Chicken Grit

What Is Fresh Coop Chicken Grit? Fresh Coop Egg Layer Grit is a soluble grit that is as effective as any Calcium Supplement for backyard layers that are 18 weeks […]

Cleaning Your Coop

If you own chickens, then you will understand the importance of taking care of everything that comes with having chickens; including, taking care of their coop. When it comes to […]

Backyard Chicken Care

A red chicken stands on some stumps after taking a dust bath in diatomaceous earth.

If you want your backyard chickens to lead healthy, happy lives – Diatomaceous Earth is a must-have for anyone who owns a coop and has a flock of feathered friends. […]

Poultry Mites

One of the most common problems that is faced when raising poultry is that of mites. There are several different types of mites that can infest flocks and poultry housing. […]

Backyard Chickens: Winter Tips

Chicken outside in the snow

Caring for backyard chickens during the winter months will require some additional work on your part, as cold weather can produce many challenges. Here are some tips to consider to […]