Oil Gator Premium

What Is Oil Gator Premium? Our Oil Gator Premium is an all-natural biocatalyst absorbent remedy that absorbs oil or any oil-based products up to six times its weight. The product […]

Plug N’ Seal For Spill Control

What Is Plug N’ Seal? Our Absorbent product Plug N’ Seal is a patching paste, which temporarily stops and withholds leaks on a variety of different items, such as steel […]

Diamond Glacier Anti-Slip Traction Aid

What Is Diamond Glacier Anti-Slip Traction Aid? Diamond Glacier Anti-Slip Traction Aid is a natural mined mineral extract that helps prevent “slip & fall” incidents that can occur on a […]

Diamond Glacier Ice Melter

What is Diamond Glacier Ice Melter? When you break down Diamond Glacier Ice Melter, it’s the inorganic compound known as Calcium Chloride. Calcium Chloride is one of the most efficient […]

The Industrial Strength Of Zorb Plus

What Is Zorb Plus? Zorb Plus is an all-purpose premium material that is extremely effective when it comes to controlling any liquid spills, drainage, or odor. This material is a […]

Absorbent Industrial Minerals

Mining, Manufacturing, & Minerals As a fully integrated business here at Progressive Planet Products. that is involved with a variety of different industries and business sectors, we are involved with […]

Fresh Coop Odor Control

What Is Fresh Coop Odor Control? Fresh Coop Odor Control is a neutralizer that eliminates the harmful ammonia levels, controls and kills the odours in the area(s), and absorbs any […]

Dust Bath

What Is A Dust Bath? Dust Baths are a way for chickens to keep themselves clean; hence, the word bath. The Dust Bath is a way for the chickens to […]

How do you get water out of a rock?


How do you get water out of a rock?  Easy – if that rock is a zeolite! In 1756, Swedish scientist Axel Cronstedt discovered that heating stilbite (a natural zeolite […]

Environmentally Friendly Ice Melt

During the winter months it is important to keep walkways, driveways and other foot paths clear of snow and ice. But what is the best way to do this? Many […]