Last Crawl™ Insect DEstroyer

What Is Last Crawl Insect DEstroyer Insecticide Powder? Our Last Crawl Insect DEstroyer is an insecticide powder that kills household and garden insects without infecting the area or adding any […]

Bed Bug Control With Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth For Natural Bed Bug Treatment

As North America’s weather turns colder, the creepy crawlers who love to live in warm, dry locations move into our living spaces more and more. The most nefarious of these […]

Diatomaceous Earth To Aid In Composting

Diatomaceous Earth used in a home compost pile with tolls surrounding it.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a naturally occurring substance mined from specific lakebed deposits. Made up of fossilized single-celled planktonic algae called diatoms, the silica-rich shells of these microscopic organisms give […]

Solutions for Those Winter Whoas!

Dog with snow shovel

 Winter is an enjoyable time of year for many folks.  When the snow starts falling, many people head outdoors for a myriad of recreational pursuits.  Of course, day-to-day activities still […]

How do you get water out of a rock?


How do you get water out of a rock?  Easy – if that rock is a zeolite! In 1756, Swedish scientist Axel Cronstedt discovered that heating stilbite (a natural zeolite […]

Stall DRY in Compost

Stall DRY is used to control wetness, odor and ammonia in stalls, cages and other animal dwellings. It is an all natural product and is safe to use with nearly all […]