White Lake Diatomaceous Earth (WLDE)

What is White Lake Diatomaceous Earth (WLDE)? White Lake Diatomaceous Earth, or better known for the abbreviation of WLDE, is an uncalcined natural grade material that comes from a pure […]

Keeping Your Horse Stall Clean & Fresh

The Importance Of A Fresh Stall Just like our own living space, it’s important to stay on top and clean it on a regular basis to allow us to live […]

Fresh Coop Odor Control

What Is Fresh Coop Odor Control? Fresh Coop Odor Control is a neutralizer that eliminates the harmful ammonia levels, controls and kills the odours in the area(s), and absorbs any […]

Dust Bath

What Is A Dust Bath? Dust Baths are a way for chickens to keep themselves clean; hence, the word bath. The Dust Bath is a way for the chickens to […]

Fresh Coop Chicken Grit

What Is Fresh Coop Chicken Grit? Fresh Coop Egg Layer Grit is a soluble grit that is as effective as any Calcium Supplement for backyard layers that are 18 weeks […]

Cleaning Your Coop

If you own chickens, then you will understand the importance of taking care of everything that comes with having chickens; including, taking care of their coop. When it comes to […]

Managing Ammonia With Horses

Diatomaceous earth to manage ammonia levels can be a helpful tool in the upkeep and care of horses. DE is the fossilized remains of tiny algae organisms called diatoms. Mined […]

Diatomaceous Earth To Aid In Composting

Diatomaceous Earth used in a home compost pile with tolls surrounding it.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a naturally occurring substance mined from specific lakebed deposits. Made up of fossilized single-celled planktonic algae called diatoms, the silica-rich shells of these microscopic organisms give […]


WINTER ESSENTIALS with STALL DRY   COZY HORSE BLANKET To ensure a horse will be comfortable outside in cold climates, they should be healthy and have a thick, dry and […]