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Everything you need for happy, healthy backyard chickens.

A FRESH COOP for all!

Keeping backyard chickens can be an exciting and rewarding adventure. As the recent chicken renaissance continues to gather momentum, coops are becoming common in urban and suburban backyards across North America. Being able to provide safe and effective solutions that are explicitly made for backyard chicken coops are key to a flock’s success. Whether you’re an experienced chicken keeper or entirely new for raising backyard birds, we’re here to help!

Absorbent Products LTD has developed an extensive range of products specially formulated with food-grade Diatomaceous Earth for the health and happiness of your backyard chickens.

From odor control, dust bathing, and coop care kits, we have everything you need for your backyard flock’s space, and our Fresh Coop Egg-Layer Grit will make sure they have all the nutrients they need to keep laying strong, beautiful eggs.

Our all-natural backyard chicken products are designed to provide the cleanest, safest, and healthiest environment for you and your backyard birds. If you’re ready to bring a little farmyard into your backyard, here’s what you need to do to get started.

Fresh Coop Odor Control keeps nesting areas drier and fresher, providing a healthier environment for your birds.

Fresh Coop Egg-Layer Grit provides a natural source of calcium for your backyard layers.

Fresh Coop Dust Bath acts as a natural booster in place of your chickens’ usual dust bathing materials and helps to maintain pristine feathers by promoting a regular, healthy preening routine.

The all-in-one Fresh Coop Care Kit provides you with everything you need to sustain a clean coop and a happy, healthy backyard flock!

How Can I Use Fresh Coop Products?

There are several common ways our customers utilize Absorbent Products LTD’s Diatomaceous Earth solutions with back yard chicken coops to help keep their flocks, clean, happy and producing their best eggs.

Sprinkling our Activated Barn Fresh, Fresh Coop Odor Control productwhich is available in both a resealable bag and container with a shaker, on your coop floor before laying fresh litter ensures that moisture and the odor that comes with it, are effectively managed at all times. 

Our Fresh Coop Dust Bath encourages your flock’s natural need to groom themselves by taking dust baths. Simply add a layer of DE over your chicken’s dirt and sand tub, and let the chickens work it into down the sand. As the chickens play and roll around in the dust bath, they will cover themselves with the DE infused sand and help rid themselves of mites and other crawly things that live on chickens.

Soft, thin, or missing eggshells are a sign that your layers are calcium deficient and need a proper egg-laying diet rich in calcium. Fresh Coop Egg-Layer Grit is a soluble chicken grit that is essential for healthy, beautiful eggs, that offers an excellent, natural source of calcium for chickens. 

For chickens that are over 18 weeks old, Fresh Coop Egg-Layer Grit can be mixed with coarse grain or fed free-choice. Grit is designed to help the chickens’ digestive system function well and break down the food as it should. The grit also helps grind down the food in the gizzard, keeping their digestive system happy!

Want to purchase Fresh Coop Products?

For Customers In The USA – To purchase any of our Absorbent Product’s Fresh Coop products, please visit our US distribution page to find the retailer nearest to you.

For Customers In Canada – Fresh Coop products can be purchased on or please give us a call at 1-800-667-0336 or email us at, and we would be happy to help!