Mined from a naturally occurring mineral deposit in British Columbia, Canada, APL BENTONITES can be classified as the WORLD’S BEST BENTONITES.


APL Bentonite is a medium gray bentonite mined from a deposit near Princeton, British Columbia, Canada. This natural mineral deposit consists primarily of montmorillonite derived from pre-historic weathered volcanic ash.

APL Bentonite has many uses, including the following:


APL Bentonite is used as a feed binder for livestock and poultry feeds. It is all natural, environmentally friendly and safe for all animals, with no antibiotics or chemicals added.

APL Bentonite can be used as a natural alternative to chemical feed binders.


APL Bentonite is used by several commercial Mushroom Growers in British Columbia as a growing medium to retain moisture.

The use of bentonite in operations, such as mushroom production, adds stability to compost and substrates used for growing mediums.


APL Bentonite is the foundation of

our scoopable pet litter products.

When used in pet litters, this bentonite provides a 99% dust free cat litter product, with excellent moisture, clumping, and odor control properties.


APL Bentonite is a high swelling bentonite that, when wet, swells, forming a water tight barrier.

Bentonite is often used by professional roofing companies as an emergency repair tool. In the case of an emergency repair situation, APL Bentonite can be applied to the damaged area and will work as a temporary sealant until further repairs can be made. APL Bentonite is an inexpensive and effective temporary solution that can help minimize water damage.

Available Granulations:

Powder: -80 mesh

Fines: -36 mesh

Granular: -18 mesh


Garden Treasure Bentonite is for use as a Crop Management Tool and Production Aid.

Garden Treasure Bentonite is OMRI Listed in United States for use in organic production.

Garden Treasure Bentonite – SDS

Garden Treasure Bentonite – OMRI Certificate