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For Layers and Broilers

For 30 years Progressive Planet Products (PLAN) has mined and manufactured Zeolite, Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth and Bentonite products. We manufacture anti-caking agents, chemical-free insecticides and natural solutions for poultry and other livestock producers.

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Diatomaceous Earth (often referred to as DE) is a siliceous rock, formed from fossilized exoskeletons of microscopic freshwater, hard-shelled algae known as diatoms. This mineral is found in deposits throughout the world, but formed with different qualities.

PLAN has two DE mines. Our mine in British Columbia, Canada is a naturally occurring mineral deposit of DE and Calcium Bentonite. 

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The only acidifier for Organic and Conventional Broiler Houses

Activated Barn Fresh® Poultry Litter Ammonia Control

Activated Barn Fresh
  • Accumulating better results
  • Unlike other acidifiers, Activated Barn Fresh never stops working
  • The only acidifer powered by Diatomaceous Earth
  • More and more poultry companies are making the decision to eliminate all synthetic and dangerous products from their houses. Activated Barn Fresh® (ABF) is the natural choice.
  • ABF utilizes a unique blend of non-GMO Citric Acid and Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth to control ammonia by reducing the moisture and pH of poultry litter.
  • As with others, our citric acidifier will burn off over time. Unlike others, however, once the acidifier has burned off, the residual effects of the remaining Diatomaceous Earth and Calcium Bentonite will continue to absorb moisture and suppress ammonia when litter comes in contact with it.
  • Many issues arise because of moisture in the house.  ABF will continue to help keep things dry.
  • Safe – no harsh acids or chemicals. Safe to handle and no freight restrictions.
  • Harsh acids in other products can eat away at machinery and structures.  ABF  will not.

SKU:  W070-Plain  UPC:  058633000706

  • Weight: US 40 lb (18.2 kg)
  • Pallet Information:
    • Number of Layers: HI: 12
    • TI: 5
    • Units per Pallet: 55
  • Pallet Height: 60”
  • Pallet Weight: 2287.54 lb (1037.62 kg)
Also available in Totes

The most popular Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth in America

Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth® (RLE) with Calcium Bentonite Powder

Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth
  • A naturally occurring blend of Diatomaceous Earth and Calcium Bentonite. 
  • Registered as an anti-caking and flow agent not to exceed 2% of the total ration.
  • While providing effectiveness for the intended reasons a pure white diatomaceous earth is used, RLE gives the feed mill user a product that will flow better, is less dusty and will blend more uniformly.
  • RLE is available in a Granular, Crystal and Powder particle sizes.
    RLE Granular has larger particles and does contain some fine particles. 
    Works well in micro-ingredient feed systems.  If used as a hand-add, staff will be pleased to not have to work with a dusty product.
    Are almost dust free with larger particle sizes than RLE Granular. 
    A very fine granulation.
  • RLE is listed with the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

SKU:  W102-PLAIN (Fine),  W104-PLAIN (Powder), W106-PLAIN (Granular) 
           W117-PLAIN (Crystals)

  • Weight: US 40 lb (18.2 kg)
  • Pallet Information:
    • Number of Layers: HI: 11
    • TI: 5
    • Units per Pallet: 55
  • Pallet Height: 56.95”
  • Pallet Weight: 2285.71 lb (1036.79 kg)
Also available in Totes