Progressive Planet is currently rebranding with a new website to come in the next two months.


How we got started

Over 35 years ago Progressive Planet Products developed a unique mine site. This mine site contains a naturally occurring blend of diatomaceous earth and montmorillonite clay. This unique clay blend is the foundation of our non-clumping cat litters, barn and stall deodorization and ammonia management products, agricultural products for use in animal feed and industrial granular absorbent line.

Our clay naturally neutralizes ammonia, absorbs its own weight in liquid, contains less than 1% free crystalline silica, and is non-toxic and non-corrosive.

Progressive Planet Products (PLAN). produces industrial minerals from two mines in British Columbia and processes the material into products you would see on your store shelf at farm and ranch stores, grocery and retail pet stores along with commercial agriculture, farming, fertilizer and concrete industries.

We produce many different products from cat litter to industrial absorbents to feed additives and binders for the agriculture industry to natural insecticides and other applications as well. We process the materials at our plant

in Kamloops and export them to various countries and other parts of Canada.

PLAN has a very high value added ratio since we take the material from its raw state, process it and package it for retail sale. We continue to demonstrate a commitment to advancing and promoting sustainable development in the mining sector.

PLAN continues to be recognized for its efforts in reclaiming land. In doing so, the company seeks to minimize the amount of disturbed land and to promote environmental stewardship.

PLAN’s 1,000 acre ranch adjacent to its Red Lake mine property north of Kamloops has been used for agricultural operations and in using the company’s natural fertilizer, leonardite, it has been shown that this reclaimed land will yield a much higher productivity level than before it was mined. PLAN is currently ahead of schedule in completing its mine reclamation work and has reclaimed a substantially greater amount of land than what the company had originally anticipated.

We take great pride in the environmental integrity of our operations and our products. Many of our products are listed for use in organic production by the Organic Material Review Institute. We always seek to reduce our use of resources, whether they are material mined, electricity, natural gas or other resources. We have reduced our use of natural gas and electricity per tonne over the past 5 years and we use about 98% of the material that is transported from the mines to the processing facility.