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Aborbent’s EazyZorb Pet Mat

What Is The EazyZorb Pet Mat?

Our Absorbent EazyZorb Pet Mats are long-lasting, durable mats that can stand up to the toughest spills, dirtiest messes, and harshest environments. One of the best features of our EazyZorb Pet Mats is that they will not curl or buckle over time because they are designed and built to be tear-resistant. They have leak-proof barriers, which prevent fluids from leaking through the material. This means all non-hazardous materials can be rinsed and dried off; thus, allowing the mat(s) to be re-used over and over again.

What Can I Use It For?

You can utilize our EazyZorb Pet Mats for a large variety of different uses, which includes placing them under your pet cages (i.e. birdcage, hamster cage, etc.), lining any pet carriers & houses you have (i.e. dog house, travel cages, etc.), placing it under your animals’ food & water dishes, putting it underneath any aquarium tanks & bowls to prevent water stains, using it as a whelping mat, and many other uses that we have not mentioned here. The versatility and durability of our product make the long list of uses endless. If you can think of a use for the EazyZorb Pet Mats that we haven’t mentioned, then please let us know!

Our EazyZorb Pet Mat

Our EazyZorb Pet Mats are made from punched polypropylene, which can absorb nearly any type of spill or leak. Not only that, but the mats can also trap pet hair and pet litter; thus, allowing your carpets, floors, and other surfaces that you have to be clean, safe, and dry. All of our EazyZorb Pet Mats are 30 inches by 36 inches (76.2 cm x 91.44 cm), which can be easily cut to fit any sized surface that you want to place the mat on. This allows the versatility of our product to come through as you have different options to use the mat.

All of our EazyZorb Pet Mats are 30 inches by 36 inches (76.2 cm x 91.44 cm); thus, allowing you to cut and customize the shape of the mat for your specified area.

Where Can I Purchase Absorbent’s EazyZorb Pet Mat?

You can purchase our EazyZorb Pet Mat by checking out our distribution page to see whether or not you are close to an area where you can pick up our product. From there, you can scroll through to find different locations, phone numbers, and links to where you can purchase the product.

If you prefer to reach out to us directly, then you are more than welcome to contact us and we can help you purchase the EazyZorb Pet Mat. You can go to our contact page on our website by clicking this link and submitting any questions, inquiries, or suggestions you might have for us regarding our product. We look forward to hearing from you!