Oil and Gas in Canada

History 1778 – Peter Pond reported the discovery of oil in Canada. The oil sands in Alberta had been used by Aboriginal people for many years as a caulking material as well as for other purposes. However, Peter Pond was the first non-native explorer to report the discovery of oil in Canada. The area in which he […]

Traveling With Pets

Traveling with a pet can be difficult therefore it is essential to plan well in advance in order to prevent any major problems . Here is a checklist to help you prepare the items you will need to take with you as well as the steps you should take before leaving. Be sure to pack: Food and […]

What is Leptospirosis?

Leptospirosis is an infectious disease caused by a type of bacteria called a spirochete. It is one of the most common zoonotic (transmittable from animals to humans) diseases in the world. In dogs it is known as Canicola Disease while in people it may be known as Swamp Fever, Mud Fever, Swineherd’s Disease and Rice Field […]

Remove Skunk Odor with Stall DRY

Stall DRY Absorbent and Deodorizer is used in animal stalls, pens and cages to absorb ammonia, moisture and odors. It has been suggested, however, that Stall DRY has various other uses including as a way of removing skunk odor! Our customers tell us that they have used the product for this purpose with great success! Below […]

Creative Uses for Kitty Litter

Being creative with what you have in the house can result in ideas that save time and money! Check out these clever ways to use non-clumping cat litter for more than just a litter box: 1. Spread a thin layer of  kitty litter in the bottom of your trash can to prevent dampness and mildew. 2. Get […]

Why Does My Cat Eat Kitty Litter?

“A cat that suddenly starts eating litter is almost always sick,” says Jane Brunt, a veterinarian from Towson, Maryland. Most often when a cat begins to eat kitty litter it is due to a health condition. The cat’s instincts drive him or her to consume the litter in hopes of compensating for or correcting the condition. […]

Pet Emergencies: How to Be Prepared

An emergency can happen at any time and it is important to be prepared! Knowing what to do in an emergency situation will help you to act fast and could potentially save your pet’s life! Common emergency situations with pets include the ingestion of foreign materials or poisons, paw lacerations, dog fights, seizures, overheating and accidents with […]