Diatomaceous Earth for Organic Production


The trend towards organic agriculture continues to be important as individuals strive to create a sustainable future. For many years people have used diatomaceous earth for various purposes including external […]

Monitoring Lice in Livestock

While lice in cattle may seem harmless, a large infestation can in fact cause substantial financial loss due to decreased health and productivity. Lice are tiny insects that live on […]

Natural Control of Lice in Cattle

A large infestation of lice in cattle can be very harmful to the animals’ health as well as detrimental to a herd’s productivity. In fact, lice can cause extreme irritation, […]

Ulcers in Horses: Prevention Management Practices

Horse in desert

Ulcers are a very common health issues in horses therefore, it is important that necessary management practices are established in order to reduce the likelihood of the development of ulcers. […]

Horse Health: What Causes Ulcers?

Two horses playing

It is very common for horses and foals to have stomach ulcers. In fact, it is estimated that nearly 50% of foals and 33% of adult horses that are confined […]

Thrush in Horses: Prevention and Treatment

horse galloping

Thrush is a bacterial infection of the spongy, triangular shaped part of a horses hoof called the frog. Thrush can cause great pain to a horse and, if left untreated, […]