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Stall DRY Absorbent and Deodorizer

The Safe Way To Control Moisture and Ammonia




Frequently Asked Questions

How does Stall DRY work?

Can Stall DRY be used in organic production?

Stall DRY absorbs moisture and urine and controls odors and helps to reduce the harmful effects of ammonia. By controlling odors and ammonia you will notice a reduction of flies in the stalls.


Stall DRY is made from a natural diatomaceous earth deposit enhanced with Montmorillonite Clay (also known as Calcium Bentonite) that can absorb more than its own weight in liquid. Stall DRY has a low pH allowing it to attract and neutralize ammonia molecules. When sprinkled over bedding, it will absorb moisture from the bedding, keeping it dryer so the bedding can be used longer.

Stall Dry is a natural product that is listed by the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production.


Stall DRY Plus is not OMRI approved due to the antimicrobial and moisture activated scenting agent that it contains.


Diatomaceous earth is recognized as a non-chemical fly control material. Stall dry also binds nitrogen and phosphorus which helps to control odors and reduces runoff which may have a detrimental affect on groundwater.


View the Stall DRY OMRI Certificate

How do I apply Stall DRY?

What is the difference between Stall DRY & Stall DRY Plus?

Sprinkle a light coat over the stall floor (wood, concrete, dirt etc).  Spread additional Stall Dry on wet spots until the surface is dry. Leave this in place. Place the bedding in the stall. Daily as you are cleaning the stall, take out the solids and sprinkle about 16 oz on the wet spots. Allow a short time to dry and put the bedding back in the stall. The bedding will usually last an extra day or so. Sprinkle on manure piles regularly to reduce flies.


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Stall DRY is an all natural product containing only diatomaceous earth and montmorillonite clay (calcium bentonite) in a granular form, developed specifically to be highly effective at absorbing odors and moisture.


Stall DRY Plus offers all the features and benefits provided by original Stall DRY Deodorizer however, in addition to the natural blend of DE and montmorillonite, Stall DRY Plus also contains an added Antimicrobial ingredient that kills bacterial odors. Stall DRY Plus also contains a moisture-activated scenting agent.

Can Stall DRY be composted?

Where can I purchase Stall DRY products?

Yes, Stall DRY is safe to be composted and used in the garden. In fact, as a natural product containing food grade diatomaceous earth, individuals have found that Stall DRY provides many benefits when used in compost and in the garden.


Due to the antimicrobial and scenting agent present in Stall DRY Plus, it should not be used in the compost or garden.


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Stall DRY products are available at the better feed and agricultural supply stores throughout the United States and Canada.


If your local feed store does not carry Stall DRY please ask them to bring it in for you.


Click here to find a distributor in your area. If you are unable to locate a distributor in your area please contact us and we would be pleased to assist you.

Is Stall DRY safe to use with all animals?

Stall DRY is completely safe to be used with all types of animals. Please note, this does not include reptiles or amphibians.

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