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Kozy Kitty Cat Litter

Natural clay litters for superior moisture and odor control.


Pet Care for Cat Owners

Our KOZY KITTY CAT LITTERS are made from a unique blend of natural clays and provide superior moisture absorbency, ammonia and odor control. Kozy Kitty is available in a variety of different types and packaging sizes.


Check out the products below to find the formula that best suits your pet.

KOZY KITTY Traditional (Non-Clumping) Cat Litter contains no harsh chemicals. This product is made with a special blend of diatomaceous earth that absorbs odors naturally.


This product is all-natural and unscented

and is suitable for cats of all ages, including kittens.


Available in Canada: 4 kg pail, 10 kg bag,

20 kg bag

KOZY KITTY CLUMPING CAT LITTER is a made from a unique blend of premium natural clays. Kozy Kitty Clumping Cat Litter uses less material per clump to ensure you get more litter box fills compared to the same weight of other leading brands.


This product is 100% natural and contains no scenting agent. Suitable for sensitive cat.


Available in: 12.8 kg pail

Kozy Kitty Clumping Litter pail

KOZY KITTY SCENTED SCOOPABLE (CLUMPING) CAT LITTER is perfect for the cat owner that likes the nice fresh scent of Lemon Grass.


This product contains a moisture activated fragrance and is best suited for single cat families with cats 1 year +


Available in: 7 kg (15.43 lb) bag

Kozy Kitty Scoopable Litter with Lemon Grass Scent bag
Product of Canada / Produit du Canada


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Hi there just wanted to say I love Kozy Kitty!!!


Isobel D, Calgary, AB


Thank you for your wonderful cat litter. One of my cats is very picky about dyes and smells. It took a long time and many tries to find a litter she will use. She loves your Kozy Kitty and so do I. Since a friend told me about your litter, I am passing it on to other cat owners that have the same problem. Keep up the fantastic work.


Khristen H, Port Alberni, BC

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