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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on Last CrawlTM Insecticides, please go to our FAQ page or visit our blog.

Last CrawlTM Insecticides

NO CHEMICAL additives, as always



Control household and garden pests without the use of dangerous chemicals!


Last CrawlTM insect control products are composed of diatomaceous earth and calcium montmorillonite and contain no chemical additives.


This unique blend of diatomaceous earth comes from a Canadian fresh water DE deposit that is one of only two of its kind in the world!

Last CrawlTM eliminates crawling insects by lacerating their waxy exoskeletons. Due to this physical form of action, pests are not able to develop a resistance to Last CrawlTM, unlike with chemical insecticides.


Apply a light dusting - behind appliances, cabinets, along baseboards, along edges and underneath carpets and rugs, bed frames, as well as outdoor areas where pests are found including ant trails, door frames, entrance ways, foundations, patios, window frames, window sills, shrubs, flower beds, gardens etc., paying careful attention to cracks, crevices, and other areas where insects hide or crawl.




Ants Bedbugs Silverfish Flour Beetles Fleas Cockroaches Slugs Earwigs Centipedes Millipedes Sowbugs • Pillbugs • Carpet Beetles Spiders Crickets Colorado Potato Beetles Caterpillars


Last CrawlTM Insecticides are not harmful to humans, animals or food.


Please note: Last CrawlTM Home & Garden Insect Control (Registration No.30526) is currently available only in Canada. Information regarding this product is therefore applicable only in Canada.


Please refer to and follow directions on label when applying.

Last CrawlTM Insect DEstroyer


Non-toxic alternative to chemical

Safe to handle and apply

• Safe for all animals


Available in: 400 g bottle or 1.81 kg (4 lb) jug

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Last Crawl Insect DEstroyer Insecticide Powder - 4 lb jug Last Crawl Insect DEstroyer - 400 g bottle

Last CrawlTM Flea & Bed Bug


• Safe alternative to help prevent and
   eliminate fleas and bed bugs

• Bed bugs cannot become resistant
  (unlike with chemical insecticides)


Available in: 400 g bottle or 1.81 kg (4 lb) jug

Last Crawl Flea and Bed Bug DEstroyer - 4 lb jug Last Crawl Flea and Bed Bug DEstroyer Insecticide - 400 g bottle
OMRI Canada

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Last CrawlTM is OMRI Listed in Canada for use in organic production.


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