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Respond easily and quickly to all types of spills

Absorbent Products Ltd. offers several Industrial Products including environmentally safe Granular Absorbents, industrial strength Absorbent Mats, Ice Melt, Temporary Roof Sealants, Spill Control Plugs and various SOCs, Pads and Spill Kits to help you respond quickly and easily to any type of spill.


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Portable Spill Berms

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Frequently Asked Questions

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spill berm

Protect the environment, work place and employees from hazardous materials with our portable spill containment berms.


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Granular Absorbents

Can Dry granular absorbent
Can Dry Logo

Can Dry products safely and quickly absorb:


Alcohols, Coolants, Oils and Fuels, Paints and Solvents

liquid spill
EazyZorb Sprinkles All Purpose Absorbent logo

EazyZorb Sprinkles are special crystals designed

to absorb liquids and reduce offensive odors.

ZorbPlus industrial strength absorbent

ZorbPlus is an industrial strength absorbent that is an extremely effective tool for controlling liquid spills and odors.

Can Dry granular absorbent

Quickly and easily absorb spills and odors with Can Dry Ultra Premium.

Industrial strength
for household and commercial use.

Specialty Products


Can Blast Glass Blasting Abrasive
Can Blast logo

Made from recycled glass,

Can Blast products are multi-purpose Glassblasting mediums that are not harmful to the environment.

Oil Gator biocatalyst
Oil Gator Oil Absorbent logo

Oil Gator is an all natural biocatalyst that controls and remediates hydrocarbons and is completely safe for the environment.


Absorbent Pads & Mats

EazyZorb Absorbent Mat for Garages

Thin, Multi-Purpose mat with leak-proof barrier that prevents spills. Safe to use with oils, paints, motor fluids for
fast and easy cleanup

Brady product absorbents

Sorbents provide users with a durable absorbent for cleaning up petroleum based spills and leaks. These sorbents have proven to absorb liquids & repel water, and is effective in both industrial and environmental applications for fast and easy clean-up.

Oil Only Heavy Weight Absorbent Pads



Roofing Materials - EazySeal Temporary Roof Patch
EazySeal Pail

High swelling Sodium Bentonite clay that when wet, swells several times its original size, forming a water tight barrier.

Plug n' Seal provides immediate seal for controlling spills of fuels and chemicals.


No surface preparation is required.  Plug n' Seal will stick to dirty, rusty, greasy surfaces, even while liquid is flowing out.

Plug N' Seal immediate spill control for drum and tank punctures
Plug N' Seal jar


Ice Melters

Diamond Glacier Ice Melters

Contain Calcium Chloride – the best Ice Melter ingredient – best combination of speed and duration in ice melting.

Generates heat for a synergistic effect to make other ingredients perform better and improves effective temperature.

Diamond Glacier Ice Melters

Prevent slips and falls with Diamond Glacier Traction Aid. Traction Aid will work under any condition and in any temperature without damaging concrete, hardscapes or harming pets.

Industrial Strength Granular Absorbent
Industrial Strength Absorbents

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