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Frequently Asked Questions

Dust Bath for Backyard Chickens

A NATURAL way to encourage healthy dust bathing behavior

How Do I Use Fresh CoopTM Dust Bath?

Add Fresh CoopTM Dust Bath to a suitable size container or sprinkle it over an area where your birds have already created a dust bathing area.


Fresh CoopTM Dust Bath can be used as is or it can be mixed with sand and peat moss.


For more tips and information on creating the perfect dust bath, check out our Fresh Coop Dust Bath Application Guide

How Big Should a Dust Bath Be?

For a small flock of one to three birds, a large kitty litter pan or Rubbermaid tub is a sufficient size for a dust bath.


For a medium sized flock, of three to seven birds, a (wooden) box approximately 2x3 feet should be provided.


Finally, for larger flocks of eight or more birds, a kiddie pool or sandbox should be appropriate to accommodate your flock's dust bathing needs.

Can Baby Chicks Use Fresh CoopTM Dust Bath?

Yes. Baby chicks should have a shallow tray of Fresh CoopTM Dust Bath provided for them in their enclosure or brooder.

Is Fresh CoopTM Dust Bath Safe for My Backyard Flock?

Fresh CoopTM Dust Bath is composed of a unique granulation of food grade diatomaceous earth that has been designed specifically for dust bathing purposes.


The product is completely safe and, according to several sources, has been used by animals for thousands of years as a natural source of earth for dust bathing.

Is Fresh CoopTM Dust Bath Harmful to My Birds
If They Eat It?

Several dust bathing materials, including shavings, can be problematic if consumed. Negative implications can arise from the consumption of these materials, as they may accumulate in your a bird's crop.


Unlike these other dust bathing options, Fresh CoopTM Dust Bath is completely safe and will not cause any harm if consumed.


Where Can I Purchase Fresh CoopTM Dust Bath?

Check out our list of US Retailers and Distributors here: US Distribution


Can't find Fresh CoopTM Dust Bath near you?


Give us a call at 1-800-667-0336 or email us at and we would be happy to help you find the product near you!


In Canada?


Fresh Coop Dust Bath can be purchased on or call or email us and we can help you locate a distributor or retailer in your area.



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