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EazyZorb Multi-Purpose Mat with Leak-Proof Barrier

Safe to use with oils, paints, motor fluids for fast and easy cleanup

For more information on the EazyZorb Absorbent Mat and its many uses please go to our FAQ page or visit our blog.

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EazyZorb Mat

Industrial Strength Granular Absorbent
Industrial Strength Absorbents

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EazyZorb Absorbent Mat for Garages

The unique EazyZorb Mat provides

industrial strength protection with a top layer that absorbs and traps nearly any type of liquid and a patented, leak-proof barrier underneath to prevent the mess from seeping through!


Mat size: 30 in x 36 in (76.2 cm x 91.44 cm).

Cuts easily to fit any size space.

The EazyZorb Mat is a durable, long-life absorbent mat that can stand up to even the toughest messes and spills. It is tear resistant and will not curl or buckle.


Non-hazardous spills can be rinsed off and the mat can be dried and re-used.

absorb grease and oil with the EazyZorb
EazyZorb pet mat
protect decks and patios with the EazyZorb mat
EazyZorb mat for vehicle maintenance
boots on EazyZorb mat
paint spill on EazyZorb mat
EazyZorb trunk mat

The Uses are Endless!


• Protect cupboard, shelf and
   drawer surfaces

• Use as a kitchen mat under and
   near the sink

• Use as an entrance way mat for
   shoes and boots

• Place underneath barbecues to
   protect decks and patios

• Use as a trunk mat to protect
   from spills

• Trap dirt, sand and absorb
   moisture in rvs, campers and

• Use as a drop mat when using
   water based or latex paints

   *do not use with solvent based

• Absorb grease and oil while
   doing vehicle maintenance
   absorb spillage and leaks when
   refueling equipment

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