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While Red Lake Earth (RLE) is currently only registered as an anti-caking agent and flow aid for use in livestock feed, many customers have found various other effective uses for the product.


With so much information available on the web it can be hard to get a concise answer as to how diatomaceous earth products are commonly used with chickens. This article encompasses the most common uses of diatomaceous earth for chickens, providing a guide to help you discover new possible ways to use DE.


In Chicken Feed


The Benefits: Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth is meant to be mixed in livestock feed as an anti-caking agent and flow aid. What this means is that the product prevents grain and feed from clumping together, as well as helping to lubricate feed materials being compressed into pellets.


Application: Red Lake Earth can be mixed into feed (on a daily basis) at a rate of 2% of the animals’ total diet.


As a Dust Bath


The Benefits: Many people find that when applied externally, Red Lake Earth can help to eliminate external parasites such as mites, ticks, etc.


Application: Most commonly, individuals spread the DE powder in areas where their chickens naturally dust themselves. However, the product may also be dumped into a tub or other container and set out for the birds to use as a dust bath. As well, some individuals prefer to dust their chickens by hand, applying a light coat of powder into the birds’ feathers.


In the Coop


The Benefits: Red Lake Earth is often sprinkled around chicken coops to help reduce moisture and odors as well as crawling insects such as darkling beetles and flies. In fact, Red Lake Earth has been found to be effective against most types of crawling insects.


Application: Spread the powder around the perimeter of your coop using your hands, a small scoop or other application device. As well, apply the product in any cracks or crevices throughout the coop. It is important to sprinkle the DE in any areas where insects may be, as the product must come in contact with the insects in order for it to be effective.


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Diatomaceous Earth and Chickens: Common Uses
and Application Methods

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We advise that you do your own research on the benefits of Diatomaceous Earth and make your own decisions. Choosing to use the product for uses other than what it is registered for is done solely at the risk of the end-user. We are not in the position to advise the use of our RLE products for any purpose other than what the product is registered for and what is indicated on the packaging.