Benefits of Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth

Summary of Research for Feed Inclusion

Poultry Operations - Using Diatomaceous Earth



University of Saskatchewan,

Department of Animal and

Poultry Science


• Higher Body Weights

• Lower feed consumption

• Better feed:gain ratio

• Lower mortality

Small chicks feeding

University of British Columbia


• Decreased internal parasite
   load in birds with lower

• Increased body weight

• Increased feed consumption

• Significantly less Northern
  Fowl Mites

• Increased egg production

• Larger eggs with more
  albumen and yolk

• Increased egg shell weight
  and thickness
• Supplementing Red Lake
  Earth in to the diets may
  increase profitability by up to
  $0.06/hen per day

University of British Columbia & University of Alberta


• Increased mineralization of cortical structural bone

Ecorational Technologies Inc.


• Decreased fly populations

• Significantly thicker egg

• Larger quantities of sulphur
   and nitrates in manure


Agriculture/Livestock - Pigs

Prairie Swine Research Centre


• Average 3% higher weight

• At 1% inclusion: 5% to 6%

  higher average weight gain

• Average feed:gain

  improvement 3.3%

Benefits of Using Red Lake Earth

Cows on farm

University of Manitoba


• Reduced solubility of
   barley (starch)

• Reduction of H2S resulting

  in reduced manure odour
  and greenhouse gases

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Although there are several web-sites out there that indicate all the other benefits of Diatomaceous Earth and the benefits of using DE for human consumption. There are no DE products registered with the FDA for Human Consumption. We advise that you do your own research on the benefits of Diatomaceous Earth and make your own decisions. Choosing to use the product for uses other than what it is registered for is done solely at the risk of the end-user. We are not in the position to advise the use of our RLE products for any purpose other than what the product is registered for and what is indicated on the packaging.