Ammonia Control & Manure Waste Management

A SAFE and NATURAL 3-in-1 Solution for AMMONIA and ODOR CONTROL

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Frequently Asked Questions


BARN FRESH® lowers ventilation costs and has shown to improve growth rates and the overall health of your animals.


Using BARN FRESH® will save you time and money on Manure Management and Bedding Supplies.

BARN FRESH® can be applied safely and easily to all surfaces, using a drop-style fertilizer spreader.

Agriculture/Livestock - Pigs

Comprised of Diatomaceous Earth and Montmorillonite Clay


 "Everyone agrees BARN FRESH® is a Winner!

It's as easy as 1-2-3."


1. Neutralizes Ammonia


Reducing ammonia levels reduces stress and

disease and can help to increase weight gains and productivity.


2. Lowers Moisture in Bedding and



Drier litter/manure gases off less ammonia;

Less moisture in barns, pens and enclosures is healthier for birds/animals;

Less moisture in manure means it is lighter and easier to clean out, saving you time.


3. Cuts Housekeeping Costs


Drier manure and enclosures saves you time and money on bedding and clean-out costs;

Reductions in ammonia emissions lowers

heating and ventilation costs.

Available in 18-kg (40-lb)

paper bags.

Barn Fresh bag
OMRI logo - USA and Canada
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Barn Fresh® is OMRI Listed in the United States and Canada for use in
organic production.


In Canada, Barn Fresh® have been approved for use in organic operations with the Canadian organic standard.

Not sure which product will work best for you? Check out our Stall DRY® vs.
Barn Fresh
® Absorbent and Deodorizer Chart!

Stall DRY vs. Barn Fresh


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