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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on DE and its many uses please go to our FAQ page or visit our blog.

Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth jugs
Red Lake Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 6 lb jug
Diatomaceous Earth Animal Feed Additives for Livestock


FDA Registration: 10370895308

Registered throughout the US


GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe)


 20 lb (9.07 kg) bags

40 lb (18.2 kg) bags

1000 lb totes


W099 - Crystals,

W102 - Fine,

W104 - Powder,

 W106 - Granular

Red Lake Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 4 lb jug

Available in:

8/4lb (1.81 kg) and

 6/6 lb (2.72 kg) jugs with convenient shaker lid.


W202 - Fine

Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth - Fine Granulation US bag
Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth - Fine Granulation US bag
US Diatomaceous Earth Products

A unique, naturally occurring deposit which contains a blend of Diatomaceous Earth (skeletal remains of algae) and Montmorillonite.


Our Diatomaceous Earth products meet both Food and Feed Grade Specifications.


Approved for use as an anti-caking agent or as an inert carrier in all types of feed in amounts not to exceed 2% of total diet.


RED LAKE EARTH improves the flowability and mixability of all types of animal feed.

I applied the Red Lake DE to my garden when I had an uncontrollable fire ant infestation with amazing results. After trying to dig them out they spread even worse, I liberally added the DE [Red Lake Earth] and the ants are nonexistent in my bed.




Today when I combed little Jojo I found NO (that's zero,0000000) fleas on him. This is after he's gone 3 days without combing, which is following 7 days of combing without finding any bugs on him. So now I am very, very delighted to say "this stuff Really REALLY works!!!"


Michael P., Pataskala, Ohio.


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I like your product, I use DE in my chicken feed every few months to prevent worms.


I put it in a coffee can with holes in the top to dust the area around the coop and inside the run before I put hay down. I use it inside the coop under bedding to absorb moisture, control insects and odor, and makes a nice base so that cleaning the inside is easier.


RaChelle, Jacksonville, Florida


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"I love the RLE Diatomaceous Earth with Calcium Bentonite! I started feeding it to my dogs (mixed with wet food) and using it for dust baths. We have found the flea control issue is now well under control. Now the dogs feel so much better, even my older Great Dane mix has started playing again. Thanks so much for a natural product that comes from the earth, and goes back to the earth, without doing harm in between."


Danielle, Buford, Georgia



We would love to hear from you. Let us know how our products are benefiting the health of your animals and your facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions



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Red Lake Earth has been used in many private and independent studies in order to discover its wide range of potential benefits. Please click here for a summary of studies.

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Diatomaceous Earth
Feed Conversion Rates

Diatomaceous Earth
Products Available in Canada

Animal Feed Products for Canada

Recently published in Poultry Science using RED LAKE EARTH DIATOMACEOUS EARTH:


Effect of Diatomaceous Earth on parasite load, egg production, and egg quality of free-range organic laying hens


***Due to Copyright permissions, this study is available only for viewing. If you would like a printed copy please contact us at


Additional Studies:


Effect of Dietary Red Lake Earth on Broiler Performance and Odour Control in Broiler Barns


Effect of diatomaceous earth on bone mineralization in free-range organic laying hens


Click here to


Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth Agriculture and Livestock Studies

Although there are several web-sites out there that indicate all the other benefits of Diatomaceous Earth and the benefits of using DE for human consumption. There are no DE products registered with the FDA for Human Consumption. We advise that you do your own research on the benefits of Diatomaceous Earth and make your own decisions. Choosing to use the product for uses other than what it is registered for is done solely at the risk of the end-user. We are not in the position to advise the use of our RLE products for any purpose other than what the product is registered for and what is indicated on the packaging.